Resi-Dig-Out™, Highgate

Our client was planning an extension to his London flat, until his gardener discovered a patch of Japanese knotweed growing in the summer. 

The previous owner had not made our client aware that the garden had a Japanese knotweed infestation, nor was it picked up on his buyers’ survey. After conducting thorough survey, we found there to be approximately 23 m3 of knotweed infested soils, as well as evidence that the knotweed had been on the property for a number of years. 

Keen to ensure that his extension plans could continue hassle free, our client opted for full and immediate eradication via our Resi-Dig-Out™ method. The works were completed in late November and took just 2 days. 

This work was supported by a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, underwritten by an ‘A’ syndicate at Lloyd’s.