Environet has developed eco-innovative patented technologies that enable us to remove just the viable rhizome, thereby avoiding the need to consign vast quantities of affected soil to landfill, giving our clients considerable cost savings.

The goal is to remove all viable knotweed rhizome to prevent future regrowth, and to eliminate the need to dispose of infested soil, to create a ZERO WASTE remediation process.

The Benefits of Xtract™

  • Removal in a matter of days, keeping your construction on programme. You cannot achieve the same with herbicide methods.
  • Designed specifically for separating and removing Japanese knotweed rhizome from knotweed infested soils. No rhizome, no regrowth.
  • Best environmental option, avoiding the need to import clean fill and involves no haulage or disposal of infested soil to landfill.
  • Patented in the UK
  • Typical savings of up to 50% compared to other removal methods.
  • As it's an on-site remediation method you may be able to save even more by claiming Land Remediation Tax Relief.

There are however occasions where site or soil conditions make this impractical or uneconomic in which case our aim is to reduce the amount of infested soil being consigned off site to landfill to the minimum.

xtract machine in action

Rhizome in bags

The Xtract™ Removal Process

We have different technologies for the excavation and processing depending upon the extent of affected soil and on site specific conditions such as access. Infested soils are excavated using a 360° tracked excavator. The excavation work is supervised by one of our experts to ensure all soil containing viable rhizome, but not more than is necessary, is excavated.

The excavated infested soils undergo a screening process in the Xtract™ machine to separate the Japanese knotweed rhizome from the soil using our patented technology.

Clean processed soils are then immediately ready for re-use on site. Please note that these materials must remain on site. If you intend to dispose of them, then waste legislation applies and the material must be consigned as knotweed infested.

Knotweed Removal with Insurance Backed Guarantees

A 5 or 10 year insurance backed guarantee (IBG) underwritten by an "AA-" rated insurer is issued upon completion, providing security to the risk averse banks and building societies.

We typically have a 2-4 week mobilisation period from receipt of written instructions. In urgent situations we may be able to reduce this subject to our other commitments.

While there are other Japanese knotweed solutions available, we feel our Xtract™ machines offer the most reliable service and at the best cost.

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