Giant Hogweed growing by a river

Former Airfield, Essex

Environet has been commissioned to monitor and treat a number of invasive species across this site. One in particular that stands out due to its coverage (both in seed dispersal and media stories) is Giant Hogweed.

Full excavation of bamboo using a machine at the University of Bedfordshire

University of Bedfordshire, Bedford

Environet were instructed by the University of Bedfordshire to survey for Bamboo across their sports field and neighbouring properties where encroachment had taken place, and then to provide our recommendations through a Bamboo Management Plan.

Dig and Dump removal method at a commercial site in West Sussex

Dig & Dump, West Sussex

Japanese knotweed was identified on a site our client wished to develop into five housing plots.

Machine excavating invasive plant on a site in Bridgend

Excavation & treatment, Bridgend

Our client required Japanese knotweed to be removed from 6 locations across a disused landfill which was being converted to a solar farm

Bag of extracted Japanese knotweed Rhizomes on a site in Folkestone

Xtract™, Folkestone

Our client wished to develop a site by building two properties and a driveway.

Digger for knotweed removal

Xtract™, Derby

Environet UK Ltd is the preferred knotweed specialist for a rapidly expanding food superstore chain.

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