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Is bamboo the next Japanese knotweed?

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In this edition, we discuss the increasing threat posed by bamboo, looking at how it impacts property, from physical damage to neighbour disputes. Read our salutary case study where over £100k of repairs were required on a property in Hampshire.  

Drawing on our most recent YouGov research, we highlight the concerning lack of public awareness, which, coupled with an absence of regulation in the sale of bamboo or any clear stipulation in mortgage lending framework, means that people are increasingly falling foul of costly damage or litigation bills.  

Are reports of the risks exaggerated? Or could bamboo really be the next “Japanese knotweed”? Whether you’re a Property Developer, Conveyancing Solicitor, Chartered Surveyor or Estate Agent, this informative publication offers expert insight to guide you.  

Read ‘Beacon: Is bamboo the next Japanese knotweed?’ here!