Mack Stars on BBC South Today!

We know how amazing our Japanese knotweed detection dogs are, which is why we were thrilled to get the opportunity to show them off on BBC South Today, with features on the lunchtime and evening news last week.

The report followed the story of a customer who bought a house near Chichester with no idea that it was affected by Japanese knotweed, since the seller had answered “No” to the specific question on the TA6 form and the surveyor who checked the property and grounds failed to identify the plant. However, a few weeks after she moved in, Caroline was shocked to discover knotweed growing in two locations in the garden, very close to the house.

She is now pursuing legal action against the seller for misrepresentation and has recruited the help of our detection dogs, Mick, Mack and Buddy to help to search the garden for any further evidence of knotweed and determine the extent of the infestation. We invited BBC South Reporter Sophie Seth along to film Mack in action, who froze to indicate the two infestations and was duly rewarded with his tennis ball! He also checked soil samples from other locations around the garden which were thankfully all clear.

Our founder and MD Nic Seal was interviewed explaining how to identify Japanese knotweed, how its appearance might differ if it’s been herbicide treated in the past – and what to do if you buy a property that is later discovered to have knotweed. We’re grateful to the BBC for this fantastic opportunity to spread the word about our canine detection team!

If you’re unsure whether or not you have knotweed on your property, contact us today to arrange a visit from Mick, Mack and Buddy.

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