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Environet – 21 Years Old TODAY!

Environet – 21 Years Old TODAY!


Today Environet reaches yet another milestone. Today we turn 21!

For the last 21 years Environet have been leading the way in Japanese knotweed treatment, removal and eradication.

There have been many many high points during this time, and as a business we have continued to grow, lead, innovate and strive to achieve our core vision:

“Our vision is simply to be “the best” in the Japanese knotweed removal market by pin-pointing our customers’ needs and fine-tuning our offerings to build on our reputation as no.1 dependable knotweed professionals who don’t let their customers down.”

I am proud to say we have lived up to this. Will we continue to strive for this? Absolutely we will.

21 years of Environet, some highlights:

  • Environet was established in 1996 providing a wide range of environmental consultancy services.
  • In 2008 Environet designed and developed the Xtract™ machine enabling us to remove Japanese knotweed rhizome from infested soil both effectively and economically. 
  • 2011 – Tighter lending requirements imposed by the banks and building societies increased awareness and the amount of Japanese knotweed work.
  • In 2013 Environet obtained Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) underwritten by an “A” rated syndicate at Lloyd’s, which are accepted by all major lenders.
  • In 2014 we moved to our new Head Office in Send (between Guildford and Woking), a 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse building to accommodate all head office staff, all equipment and our research & development activities.
  • In 2015 Mk3 of our patented Xtract™ machine was launched, with enhancements to improve the process rate and manoeuvrability with addition of caterpillar tracks.
  • 2015 also saw us carry out our largest project – processing in excess of 3,500 cu m of infested soil. 
  • Finally, 2015 saw Environet launch and sponsor the ‘Schools Eco-Innovation Awards Scheme‘, endorsed by Kevin McCloud, MBE. 
  • 2017 – Our 21st birthday, and we are almost up to our next milestone of 10,000 projects!
  • 2017 – We purchased the freehold of our Head Office in Surrey.

Environet – The future.

We have already begun planning for the next phase of company growth, which will build on our 21 years’ experience.

The headcount continues to grow! In the past year alone we have welcomed 3 new babies to the Environet family, with another due anytime soon! From a workforce perspective we have grown the team by 50% in the last year – Welcome to them all!

Even more investment is being made in R&D in the coming years too. We purchased a large plot of land with a significant infestation of Japanese knotweed which we are testing evolving and new methods of treatment as well as removal. We are also continuing to develop our Xtract™ method of removal.

Physical excavation and removal on both residential and commercial projects will remain a focus for us. To enhance our offerings we are working on a multi-level approach solution which we will be launching shortly.

In the last 21 years I have seen huge changes in the Japanese knotweed world – I am immensely excited about the future and the developments we are making as a company to move forward.

And to conclude, a big thank you to all our customers who have helped us on our journey.

Best Regards

Nic Seal
Managing Director
Environet UK Ltd

Robert Spaceman

“We had a large stand of bamboo removed, thinned, contained and replaced. The customer service has been first class. Joe and Jason were fabulous and kept me well informed at all times”.