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First Japanese knotweed shoots spotted in January!

First Japanese knotweed shoots spotted in January!


There’s always a bit of friendly competition among our team to be the first to spot new Japanese knotweed growth and, unbelievably, eagle-eyed Paul Willoughby found the first new shoots of the year in Kensington, West London just last week!

It’s extremely unusual to find any new growth in January as we don’t normally see Japanese knotweed emerge from its winter hibernation until March at the earliest.

So, what’s caused this unusual knotweed activity? Well, we have had a milder than normal winter, there has been very little frost meaning the temperature of the soil has been warmer than usual for this time of year. And there’s been plenty of rainfall too.

But before we get too excited it’s worth noting that this particular plant is enjoying its own little microclimate, sheltered between two walls, behind some garages in Kensington. We probably won’t see Japanese knotweed sprouting up all over the country just yet, although if we have another unseasonably warm February like we did last year, with ground temperature consistently above 4°c, it might not be far away.

So, we’re preparing for an early start to the treatment season to give our customers maximum protection from this highly invasive plant when it begins its annual assault on our property foundations, patios, driveways, cavity walls and drains.

Look out for red or purple asparagus-like shoots sprouting from the ground and quickly turning into green bamboo-like stems. Remember, we offer a free identification service, so if you aren’t sure what you’re dealing with just email a photo to [email protected] and we’ll confirm its identity.

If you’re thinking of selling your property once the UK leaves the EU at the end of this month, now is the time to call us and arrange a survey. We provide insurance-backed guarantees for up to ten years, which will keep mortgage lenders happy and ensure your property can be bought and sold without difficulty.

Robert Spaceman

“We had a large stand of bamboo removed, thinned, contained and replaced. The customer service has been first class. Joe and Jason were fabulous and kept me well informed at all times”.