Japanese knotweed encroachment and neighbours

Japanese Knotweed Encroachment and Neighbours

Japanese knotweed can create problems with those perfectly nice people next door.

Not only does knotweed cause damage to property, and interfere with a house sale because a lender won’t lend, it can also cause problems with your neighbours.

Japanese knotweed disputes and litigation is on the rise as more property owners realise the severity of the knotweed spreading to their property from next door, and how this will affect them.

Knotweed roots typically extend 2 to 3 metres laterally, which means a fence or garden wall is no obstacle at all.  Knotweed will grow in all directions at will, though it may not opt to put a fresh shoot up to the surface immediately.  Therefore, just because a neighbouring infestation has not appeared through your fresh, stripy lawn this doesn’t  mean it isn’t lurking underground waiting to make an inconvenient appearance.

Of all the thousands of residential clients Environet have helped, an estimated 90% of residential cases involve encroachment of some kind.  We always deal with all concerned parties politely and calmly so a happy conclusion can be reached, (apart from the knotweed itself, which we opt to destroy).  As a result we have a wealth of experience in preventing disputes between neighbours.

However, if a disagreement does develop, often for example between an innocent owner of a residential property and a large commercial or industrial landowner creating the nuisance, then we can help. We work closely with a lawyer who specialises in cases where Japanese knotweed has ‘crossed the line’ and is a clear case of Japanese knotweed encroachment. His practice specialises in recovering costs for the knotweed treatment works often on a no-win, no-fee basis.

So, rather than worry about either knotweed or the neighbours, talk to us. We know all the tricks knotweed gets up to and exactly how to deal with it. We ’ll do all we can to help.

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