Japanese knotweed identification

New Japanese Knotweed Identification Video

The awareness of Japanese knotweed seems to be growing as fast as the dreaded plant seems to spread. Knotweed is being spotted all over the country, in gardens, hedgerows, on road sides, canals, rivers, development sites, on the railway, in car parks, I could go on. In fact it might be easier to list the places where it hasn’t yet spread. Until last week I might have said that any beach in the UK was safe, with the salt deterring the knotweed from taking hold. However, this week my A team are removing knotweed from a beach in South Wales. Site reports tell me there is lots of rhizome and our XtractTM machine is working well, separating and removing the rhizomes from the sand. 

We do get a lot of people wanting to check whether a newly spotted plant coming up in their garden is knotweed. Check out our knotweed pictures gallery to see knotweed in growth. We thought it would be a good idea to supplement all the photos that can be found on our website with a short video on Identification of Japanese Knotweed.  We’ve provided this to raise awareness of Japanese knotweed. If you are still unsure then we still provide our free of charge identification service – email us a photo and we’ll tell you if its knotweed or not. 

For those that get a positive identification of Japanese knotweed, don’t worry, we will be able to remove it for you. For those lucky enough to be told it isn't knotweed you can crack open the bubbly. Or if you prefer why not make a donation to one of our chosen charities, we support the RNLI and the British Heart Foundation. Thanks for your support.

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