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Our Journey to Net Zero: Environet’s Commitment to Sustainability

Our Journey to Net Zero: Environet’s Commitment to Sustainability

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Since our inception in 1996, sustainability has been at the core of Environet’s business ethos. With Environmental Scientists leading the way, we have consistently been ahead of the curve in eco-innovation and sustainability practices. However, our commitment to sustainability extends far beyond mere environmental considerations; it is woven into the very fabric of our decision-making processes. 

Our Environmental Policy, a testament to our dedication, outlines our commitment to minimising environmental impacts and maintaining resilience to environmental risks. In 2022, our directors pledged to reduce the carbon footprint of the business as far as practicable by 2030, and from 2023 onwards, to offset our remaining carbon footprint. The below tells the story so far of our journey to net zero.  

Eco-Innovation Initiatives: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions 

Environet prides itself on pioneering eco-innovations that challenge conventional practices. Our patented soil screening process, Xtract™, exemplifies our commitment to zero-waste principles, dramatically reducing landfill waste associated with Japanese knotweed removal. Building upon this success, we introduced knotweed Biochar—a sustainable solution for plant waste disposal—and are actively researching composting methods to further reduce environmental impact. 

In our quest for sustainability, we’ve also re-evaluated herbicide usage, striving for more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives. Our DART™ strategy aims to minimise visits, enhance treatment efficacy, and mitigate unintended ecological consequences, aligning with the principles of Integrated Weed Management. 

Transport & Travel: Mitigating Our Footprint  

Transportation poses a significant challenge to our sustainability efforts. While it’s impossible to eliminate travel from our operations, we strive to reduce our impact through strategic measures. Our fleet, comprising vans and small cars, is gradually transitioning towards more eco-friendly options. In 2020, we made a pivotal decision to ensure our van fleet meets ULEZ compliance standards, with further investments in hybrid and ultra-low emission vehicles underway. 

Moreover, we recognise the strain excessive travel places on our staff’s well-being. By strategically allocating resources based on demand and offering remote work options, we minimise unnecessary journeys. Additionally, our project planning efforts focus on optimising routes and facilitating vehicle sharing to further reduce our carbon footprint. 

Energy Efficiency: Powering a Sustainable Future 

In our headquarters, we exercise full control over energy consumption, implementing measures such as energy-saving lighting and timed heating systems to minimise waste. Furthermore, our investment in solar panels enables us to generate clean, renewable energy, significantly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating our carbon footprint. Data shows that since their installation in 2023, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 7.6 tons.  

Carbon Neutrality: Offsetting Our Impact 

Recognising that the complete elimination of carbon emissions is a formidable challenge, we offset our remaining carbon footprint through reputable schemes. Partnering with Carbon Neutral Britain, we measure and offset our carbon emissions, and have achieved certification as a Carbon Neutral Business for the last two years. 

Fostering Wellbeing and Community Engagement 

Beyond our core operations, we champion initiatives that promote staff well-being and community engagement. From staff wellness action plans to tree planting events, we foster a culture of holistic sustainability. Our partnerships with environmental charities and discounted services for registered charities exemplify our commitment to making a positive impact beyond our business realm. 

In 2024 we launched our Green Days initiative, offering all staff two days of paid time off per year to participate in a local environmental initiative of their choosing. We believe that contributing to environmental causes is not only a chance to give back but also an opportunity for personal and professional growth. These days are meant to empower our staff to make a positive impact while giving them the freedom to choose something that resonates with them.  

Conclusion: A Sustainable Tomorrow Starts Today 

To demonstrate our commitment to Sustainable and responsible business, we have signed up to the Good Business Charter. The accreditation covers 10 components which collectively ensure care for employees, suppliers, customers and the environment whilst paying their fair share of tax. 

At Environet, sustainability is not merely a goal; it’s a journey—a journey we’ve been on since our inception. From pioneering eco-innovations to fostering a culture of sustainability and wellbeing within our organisation, we are committed to shaping a better future.  

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