At Environet, we care about the environment. Our goal is to be a zero-waste, carbon-neutral business whilst delivering environmental benefits for our clients, namely the removal of harmful invasive plants

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sustainable business practices at Environet

Sustainable at the core

Sustainability is one of the key drivers to our business and has been since its conception in 1996. Having Environmental Scientists at its core, means that we have been ahead of the curve in eco-innovation and sustainability for many years. But the sustainability of our business relies on more than just sound environmental principals. It runs through the heart of all decision making within our business.

Environet seeks excellence in every aspect of the way it operates and is committed to minimising the environmental impacts of our business operations and maintain the company’s resilience to environmental risks and impacts. Each year we complete an environmental review, that assesses our impact. As a business, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as far as is practicable, and offsetting the remainder. 

Our Xtract™ method

Our goal is to protect local environments from invasive plants using eco-friendly methods. Going one step further, we’re focused on harnessing the extraordinary ability of invasive plants such as Japanese knotweed to absorb carbon, reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

We recognise our business activities create waste and emissions to land, air and water which we seek to mitigate as best we can. We don’t like adding excessive amounts of dangerous herbicides to the environment, that find their way to watercourses. As far back as 2008 we thought it eco-crazy to dig up knotweed infested soils from one site only to dump it in a landfill site, many miles away. We wanted a zero-waste solution, so thinking caps went on and our R&D team came up with XtractTM, our screening process to separate and remove knotweed, that today saves thousands of tonnes of perfectly good soil filling up precious landfill sites across the UK.

Xtract process as part of Environet latest eco innovations
Close up on Biochar eco innovation

Biochar from knotweed

The Xtract™ process results in tonnes of rhizome and root material being removed from the ground every year. We hate waste, so got the R&D team deciding how best to deal with this plant material. The R&D breakthrough came with the production of biochar from invasive weeds. We created a prototype biochar retort which pyrolyzes the material, rendering it inert.

A few additional steps create biochar, a superb soil conditioner which improves soil fertility and yields of desired plants. But more importantly, the biochar is 99% carbon, captured from the atmosphere by the invasive plants and then stored in the ground where it remains for hundreds if not thousands of years – carbon sequestration its called by climate scientists.

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

Carbon capture & storage (CCS)

Japanese knotweed

  • Invasive & destructive
  • Displaces native flora
  • Not welcome in the built environment

Rhizome extraction

  • On-site remediation
  • Zero herbicide use
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Quick & effective

Biochar production

  • Destroys rhizome
  • Stores captured carbon
  • Creates soil conditioner

Soil conditioning

  • Improves soil health
  • Long term carbon storage
  • Restores soil fertility
  • Increased yields

Climate change scientists call this carbon sequestration or carbon capture and storage (CSS) and recognise it as a positive in tackling climate change.

We’re proud to have pioneered eco-innovations that mean as a business, we are well on the way to being carbon-neutral and hopefully carbon negative in the future.

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Rest assured, where invasive species are identified at an early stage and tackled correctly, problems can usually be avoided. Our specialist consultants complete thorough surveys to identify the extent of the problem. Our plans aren’t one-size-fits-all; they’re customised to tackle the invasive species at your property effectively, taking account of all of your requirements. 

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What our clients say



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