knotweed growing through tarmac

Worried about Property Damage? We’ve got it Covered.

Recent research we commissioned by YouGov revealed that property damage is a significant concern for most people. The survey of over 2,000 adults in the UK asked what their main worry would be if Japanese knotweed was discovered on the property, with damage to property being the joint top answer at 28% along with the cost of eradication or treatment.

We offer best in class insurance-backed guarantees to cover you in the unlikely event of regrowth after we’ve removed or treated Japanese knotweed from your property. Most established knotweed companies will provide some kind of guarantee, since they are required to do so by mortgage lenders when the property is bought and sold, but the quality can vary hugely, some aren’t insurance-backed (meaning if the company goes into liquidation, the guarantee becomes worthless). Also, the cost of repairing Japanese knotweed damage to your home isn’t covered.

We’re pleased to announce that Environet is the first and only invasive plants specialist in the UK to include Damage Cover as an optional extra for all our customers. This covers you for the cost of repairs to damage caused to the property and hard landscaping by Japanese knotweed regrowth. It might take the form of shoots appearing in an asphalt driveway or patio, or knotweed making its way into drains or cavity walls. As most buildings insurance policies also specifically exclude cover for property damage caused by knotweed, this cover brings additional peace of mind to customers.

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