Things to Look Out For when You Move Home

There’s a lot to think about when moving house - packing your belongings, sorting out your utilities and exchanging contracts. 

One thing you shouldn’t forget to schedule when buying a house or flat, is your property survey. It’ll reveal important details about the property that you might have otherwise missed. 

This article will highlight 5 important things to remember during the process as well as some common problems found during a property survey.

Hungry red pandas at Drusillas Park enjoy bamboo takeaway!

Mulan and Maja, red pandas from Drusillas Park near Alfriston in East Sussex, have enjoyed a free bamboo supper after our team were called in to excavate invasive bamboo from the garden of a nearby property.

Several kilos of fresh bamboo were transported straight to the family-run Park within an hour of being cut, ensuring the plant arrived fresh and fragrant for the discerning pandas who each consume up to two kilos per day – up to 20,000 leaves – but will turn their noses up if it’s anything less than freshly chopped!