Resi-Dig-Out™, Cardiff

After struggling to sell his property due to a Japanese knotweed infestation in the garden, our client took his property off the market. Needing the problem dealt with as soon as possible, a physical removal method was recommended 

Our client had sought advice from other Japanese knotweed removal companies but no-one was able to complete the work that he required. After completing a survey, we confirmed that the work was possible and we also agreed to complete some minor landscaping of the garden to maximise its use and potential.

Physical excavation of the infested area commenced to ensure that all Japanese knotweed material was removed from the rear garden by mobilising a discrete 2 man team who were operational for 5 days and processed between 15-20 cu m of soil. Tree stumps and building material were also removed to maximise space and create a user friendly garden. This work was supported by a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, underwritten by an ‘A’ rated syndicate at Lloyd’s.

The property was placed back on the market and our client was delighted with the response he received from prospective buyers who were reassured that the Japanese knotweed had been dealt with by a professional company.