Xtract™, Derby

Environet UK Ltd is the preferred knotweed specialist for a rapidly expanding food superstore chain. Having secured planning permission, tackling the six areas of knotweed amounting to over 100 sq m of affected land was next on the agenda. 

Environet assessed the site in December 2016, estimating there to be some 200 cu m of infested soil. The “dig & dump” option whereby all infested soils are excavated and consigned to landfill was rejected due to cost (circa £50,000 + VAT) and for environmental reasons. 

The alternative, Xtract™ was chosen as it represented far better value for money (circa £15,000 + VAT), was better environmentally (zero waste and zero herbicide), and was supported with an insurance backed guarantee, underwritten by an ‘A’ rated syndicate at Lloyd’s. 

Work on site started in January 2017 and was completed in only 5 days, allowing the rest of the development work to commence without delay.