Resi-Dig-Out, Suffolk

A customer’s account of our Resi-Dig-Out service

“I asked Environet to help me deal with a Japanese knotweed infestation in the driveway of my property and was very impressed with the service I received from start to finish.

I had treated the knotweed myself a few years ago using RoundUp, which meant there wasn’t any sign of new growth on the surface. However, as I’m now selling the property, I needed reassurance that the plant was completely dead and an insurance backed guarantee to pass on to a future buyer.

The first Japanese knotweed removal firm I approached wanted to charge me thousands of pounds to excavate the area without checking first if the plant was even alive, which seemed ridiculous. Mat Day at Environet took a much more flexible approach and treated me like an individual customer. He sensibly carried out a survey, digging small holes in the driveway to check the state of the plant and how far it had spread.

The survey revealed that the plant was still alive but dormant, so I instructed him to excavate the site. The knotweed was dug out over the course of two days using a small digger, then my driveway and flowerbeds were reinstated. I was concerned about whether the knotweed had spread onto my neighbour’s property, as it was quite close to the border, but Mat reassured me that it had not and put a root barrier in for complete peace of mind.

Mat worked very efficiently and offered an excellent standard of service. He went the extra mile again when I asked him to speak to a potential buyer about the knotweed, to reassure them that it had been dealt with, which he has was very happy to do.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Environet to anyone with Japanese knotweed.”

Mr D’Arcy Hall – Homeowner, Haverhill, Suffolk