Dig & Dump, West Sussex

Japanese knotweed was identified on a site our client wished to develop into five housing plots. The knotweed infestation was located to the rear of three of the proposed plots, totalling a visible area of approximately 128m2.

The neighbouring site also contained two large infestations of Japanese knotweed, which had been previously treated with herbicide. Therefore, a root barrier was required to ensure that the knotweed didn’t encroach onto our client’s site, as this could impact the lenders decision when offering finance on the five plots. 

Due to tight time scales, our client requested the Dig & Dump removal method. As they could provide machinery and labour, we acted in a supervisory capacity, to ensure that all knotweed infested soils were removed, and installed the root barrier.

The works were completed in 4 days, with 18 lorry loads being sent to a licensed landfill. Guarantees will be issued for each plot to ensure future sales go through.