Japanese Knotweed Detection Dogs

"An ideal solution for any buyer or seller where there is uncertainty as to whether a property is affected by Japanese knotweed."

What are the Benefits of knotweed Detection Dog surveys?

  • Maximum reassurance for buyers and their lender - the most accurate way to determine if a property is affected by Japanese knotweed
  • Enhanced search capability by combining power of human sight with dogs' amazing olfactory (smell) senses
  • Dogs quickly scan the property and “indicate” or show “heightened interest” if the scent of rhizome is detected
  • Results reviewed and verified by our trained knotweed consultant surveyors
  • Removes uncertainty in property purchases and simplifies conveyancing process
  • A "No Knotweed" result optimises the property's value
  • Reduces risk and delays on construction development sites

Research shows a 99% accuracy rate for our knotweed detection dog surveys, making them the most reliable method available for assessing the risk of knotweed presence on a property. A "No Knotweed" result is not therefore a categorical assurance that no viable knotweed is present on the property, although it does entitle you to a discount of up to a 70% on our Platinum Insurance-backed Guarantee (IBG). The IBG gives the reassurance that in the unlikely event of knotweed growth anywhere on the property, the cost of treatment is covered under the guarantee.

Key Details

  • Maximum reassurance
  • Detect hidden knotweed
  • Anytime of year
  • 99% accuracy
  • Instant results

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We really loved our experience of working with Environet and their excellent highly trained dogs at our client's house in Sussex. We look forward to the next job and will be recommending them far and wide to our clients

Marcus, Trustpilot 5*

When should I get a Knotweed Detection Dog Survey?

A detection dog survey should be instructed where:

  • A seller wants to reassure their buyer that the property is not affected by Japanese knotweed and wants to be sure the information they disclose is correct
  • A seller has ticked “Not Known” on the Law Society's TA6 form and the buyer needs to know whether the property is affected or not
  • A buyer of a new-build property cannot obtain any guarantees from the developer that the property is free of knotweed
  • It is recommended or required by a lender, building society, bank, solicitor or surveyor
  • A property or land is to be developed, as a pre-construction check to ensure no work involving ground disturbance is carried out in affected areas.

They could not have been more friendly and helpful. They did a really thorough job and provided some excellent advice and reassurance. We’re so glad we called them and would thoroughly recommend the service.

Dave, Trustpilot 5*

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The dogs spent some considerable time intimately investigating every inch of ground to ensure no Japanese Knotweed is present. I was also given a considerable amount of information about knotweed infestation, and of course how the dogs are trained. I now have the reassurance of a site thoroughly inspected and a full warranty too.

Mark, Trustpilot 5*

How can Detection Dogs help you?

Homebuyers can find out if the property they wish to buy is knotweed-free, giving them the confidence to press ahead with the purchase. This is particularly useful if:

  • the property is located in a high-risk area
  • is situated close to a knotweed infestation
  • is being purchased during winter when knotweed dies back
  • there are suspicions it has been concealed
  • where the seller won't give any assurances e.g. answering “Not known” to the Japanese knotweed question on the TA6 form.

Homesellers can have their property checked, enabling them to provide a high level of assurance to buyers, ensuring there are no nasty surprises further down the line that could disrupt the sale or leave them exposed to a legal claim.

Homeowners can be confident that their biggest investment is protected - and if it's found, remediate the problem as quickly as possible. Those carrying out extensions or landscaping work can proceed with confidence.

Developers and construction firms can progress safe in the knowledge that a site they wish to buy or develop is not impacted by Japanese knotweed and if it is, put in place a suitable remediation plan.

Videos of Detection Dogs in Action