Resi-Dig-Out™, Runneymede

Our client was looking to sell their property and wanted to have a management plan in place with an insurance backed guarantee, to ensure that the sale would go through smoothly.

One stand of Japanese knotweed was identified on the property, giving a total affected area of approximately 7m2. While the knotweed was located a sufficient enough distance from the property to not cause damage, under the RICS categorisation, it was classed as category 3. Properties that fall into Category 3 or 4 generally require works to control or eradicate the knotweed.

Our client opted for our Resi-Dig-Out™ option, via a manual dig as a downpipe made access for a micro excavator impossible. The Resi-Dig-Out™ option was chosen over the herbicide control method, because it was an immediate method, and ensured all knotweed was removed from the property.  

The works took 2 days, and upon completion a 10 year insurance backed guarantee was issued, to satisfy future buyer’s lenders.

Japanese knotweed-free garden post excavation in Runneymede
Japanese knotweed rhizome in a bad in Runneymede
Japanese knotweed canes in Runneymade
Japanese knotweed growing across a garden in Runneymede