We're Here to Advise Property Professionals on Japanese Knotweed

  • 1. We keep abreast of recent innovations and technology in the fight against Japanese knotweed.
  • 2. We provide unbiased professional advice for the removal of Japanese knotweed.
  • 3. Our Guarantees are underwritten by an "AA-" rated insurer, providing the highest level of financial security.
  • 4. We provide Japanese knotweed CPD seminars at client premises. Get in touch to find out more.
  • 5. We publish regular insights and guidance bulletins through Beacon, our knotweed intelligence hub. Sign up to receive them directly to your email for free.

We have a Simple 3-Step Approach to Japanese Knotweed Removal:

1. Identification

If you suspect you have Japanese knotweed either view our library of Japanese knotweed pictures or if you prefer email us your photos. Once identified, we will then determine the extent and scale of the knotweed problem.

We provide Japanese knotweed site surveys for correct identification of Japanese knotweed and hybrid varieties, quantifying extent of infested soil, identifying site specific constraints affecting treatment options, site liabilities and establishing customer’s requirements, timeframe and budget.

We can prepare either budgetary or detailed proposals detailing treatment options for removal or control of Japanese knotweed.

2. Removal

We have a variety of treatment and removal methods designed to suit all situations. If you want to explore the possible treatment options please call us or view our Japanese knotweed removal methods designed to help you decide which method might be best for your clients’ circumstances.

Our most popular method for the quick eco-friendly way of completely removing Japanese knotweed from development sites is Xtract™.

If time is on your side then the less expensive herbicide option might be appropriate.

3. Guarantees

Our Insurance Backed Guarantees provide support for up to 10 years after completion of the Japanese knotweed treatment/removal works.  In the unlikely event of us being unable to meet our guarantee obligations due to insolvency, you/your client will have the backing of a world class "AA-" rated insurer covering the liability.

Japanese Knotweed Indemnity Insurance

Landowners worried about the threat of Japanese knotweed, which is now rife across the UK, can protect themselves by purchasing a specialist Japanese knotweed indemnity policy through Countrywide Legal Indemnities. Starting at less than £100, the policy covers you for the cost of treatment, repairs, legal costs arising from third party claims and any diminution of the property’s value, should knotweed arise.

We do not charge property professionals for consultancy, though site surveys may be chargeable, all we ask is you refer us to your clients as trusted experts capable of completely eradicating Japanese knotweed when and where you think appropriate.