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Mitigating the risks arising from Japanese knotweed misrepresentation

In this edition, we discuss our brand-new customer research carried out with YouGov, look at the safest way to fill in the TA6 form and talk about the risks of misrepresentation.

By Nicolas Seal. Published May 2024

Preview of Beacon 24 Q1

Herbicide treatment of knotweed can store up problems on site

In this edition, we focus on the use of herbicide as a control for Japanese knotweed on development sites. Our feature explores the potential pitfalls of opting for herbicide treatment as a low-cost control method.

By Nicolas Seal. Published February 2024

Preview of Beacon Q3

Is bamboo the next Japanese knotweed?

We discuss the increasing threat posed by bamboo, looking at how it impacts property, from physical damage to neighbour disputes.

By Nicolas Seal. Published October 2023

Preview of Beacon July 2023

Understanding the risks around invasive plant encroachment

We highlight the importance of understanding the risks of invasive plant encroachment, as well as the potential legal implications that could arise as a result.

By Nicolas Seal. Published July 2023

Beacon cover, the TA6 form

The TA6 Form: understanding and mitigating knotweed risk

We explain the TA6 pitfalls for conveyancers to look out for – and how to help clients stay on the right side of the rules.

By Nicolas Seal. Published March 2023

Beacon cover, the invasive plants posing greatest threat the property

The invasive plants causing the greatest threat to property

We highlight the main plants to watch out for, the risks they pose and explain how best to treat them.

By Nicolas Seal. Published January 2023

Beacon cover, land remediation tax relief

Land remediation tax relief can generate significant savings for developers of brownfield sites contaminated with Japanese knotweed

We explain how to correctly identify the opportunities and secure LRTR qualification.

By Nicolas Seal. Published October 2022

Beacon cover, legal cases against developers relating to Japanese knotweed are on the rise

Legal cases against developers relating to Japanese knotweed are on the rise. We explain how best to mitigate the risks

Find out how to know for sure if a site is affected by knotweed, and if it is, follow best practice to ensure there’s no chance of litigation further down the line.

By Nicolas Seal. Published July 2022

Beacon cover, Japanese knotweed and rics guidance

Japanese knotweed: does the new RICS Guidance affect developers of residential property?

The new Guidance is aimed at surveyors providing advice to banks and lenders for residential lending purposes. But does it alter the way developers should tackle knotweed on development sites?

By Nicolas Seal. Published April 2022

Beacon cover, removing Japanese knotweed from Development sites

Removing Japanese knotweed from development sites

Find out about the impact of different treatment methods on the environment, as well as your bottom line, and discover how Japanese knotweed waste is being put to good use by contributing to carbon capture.

By Nicolas Seal. Published January 2022

Beacon cover, Japanese knotweed, changing perceptions?

Japanese knotweed - changing perceptions?

In conjunction with YouGov PLC we’ve monitored consumer perceptions relating to Japanese knotweed over the last three years. Here we highlight some interesting trends. Click here

By Nicolas Seal. Published May 2019

Beacon cover, network rail appeal front page

Network Rail appeal against Japanese knotweed ruling unanimously dismissed by Court of Appeal

An article detailing the results of the recent Network Rail appeal against the Japanese Knotweed ruling and the legal implications moving forward. Click here

By Rodger Burnett, Dorothea Antzoulatos and Donna Dewberry of Charles Lyndon Solicitors. Published November 2018

Beacon cover, knotweed treatment and removal costs

Knotweed treatment and removal costs

An information paper on the costs of treating varying quantities of knotweed infested land – from data Environet has obtained on a large number of projects. Click here

Environet data obtained from a large number of projects. Published March 2018

Beacon cover, Dupont Plantex

Field trials - investigating the containment of Japanese knotweed

A summary paper about field trials, carried out by Environet UK Ltd and DuPont, for containing Japanese knotweed – Click here

by Nicolas Seal of Environet UK Ltd - Published January 2018

Beacon cover, beware seller not disclosing knotweed

Beware the Seller that doesn't disclose Knotweed

Article about house sellers not disclosing knotweed and what to do if you are the victim of misrepresentation – Click here

An expert's view by Rodger Burnett at Charles Lyndon solicitors. Published December 2017

Beacon cover, Yougov 2017

Japanese knotweed Research Survey carried out by YouGov

A survey on Japanese knotweed awareness amongst adults in Britain was carried out by YouGov plc on behalf of Environet UK Ltd in May 2017 – Click here

Summary and comment are provided by Nic Seal, Managing Director of Environet.

Beacon cover

Maximising the development value of land affected by Japanese knotweed

If you are looking to buy or sell development land you should be aware that Japanese knotweed can significantly reduce its value.

Here Nic Seal, Managing Director of Environet, explains why - Click here

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