Problems with Knotweed in South England?

Although the South of England is made up of a mix of areas of outstanding natural beauty and national parks Japanese knotweed has infested each of these since its introduction in the 1820's. With the sprawl of London, came the spread of knotweed as people looked to cultivate a plant which grew so easily and required little to no encouragement. Knotweed can be found in a mix of locations from residential gardens to public car parks, the railway embankments crossing the counties and even managing to traverse the water to the Isle of Wight. Knotweed is often reported in the build up areas of Guildford, Reading, Oxford, Swindon, Winchester, Chichester, Southampton, Portsmouth, Salisbury and Bournemouth.

When Japanese knotweed is left to its own devices, it spread like a disease. It can worm its way into the smallest gaps breaking apart walls and foundations. It silently creeps under fences creating complicated legal issues between you and your neighbours. Its mere presence on your property can reduce your house value and make it an unattractive purchase. While you may feel helpless in your fight against Japanese knotweed, we are in a position to help. We have solved hundreds of Japanese knotweed issues across the region satisfying both home owners and developers.

Successfully Dealing with Knotweed

Treating knotweed yourself rarely achieves eradication, but we are here to help.

Here at Environet we have been operating in this area for over 20 years. We continually develop our methods for killing Japanese knotweed for good, so you will always receive the most up to date and effective Japanese knotweed eradication services.

All our work at Environet is covered by our Insurance Backed guarantee, whether we undertake the complete works or provide supervision and consultancy. Due to our outstanding record in dealing with Japanese knotweed, our guarantees are underwritten by a market-leading, "AA-" rated insurer. This provides cover for any knotweed regrowth for up to 10 years. The limit of liability is generally set at the contract value, with a minimum cover value of £5,000. If required, cover can be arranged with a limit of liability of up to £100,000. Larger values can be obtained subject to insurer approval. We are one of only a few Japanese knotweed companies who are able to provide this level of cover.

We have a variety of methods in tackling Japanese knotweed meaning that our treatment plans fit your requirements providing guaranteed results. The least invasive method is our herbicide treatment programme which has been refined over the years providing control over an infestation, stopping it from getting out of hand at a low cost. Alternatively, the quick and effective Resi-Dig-Out allows us to process the infested soil, meaning we only remove the knotweed, leaving your property knotweed free. Find out more about our removal methods here.

Our South Team

If you need your Japanese knotweed issue resolved, Environet is the answer. Our experienced and effective team based in Surrey have what it takes to remove all your Japanese knotweed problems, providing you with a guarantee, giving future security. As a company we provide specialist advice you would only find in a large multidisciplinary business but also a unique and passionate service you would find in a small specialist.

Our Consultant Luke Walton travels all across the region and has encountered many different knotweed issues. Luke not only has experience in the commercial sector but in residential issues and has helped hundreds of business and people break free from their knotweed nightmare.

Our friendly team are ready to speak to you today to help you on resolve your knotweed issue.

The map below demonstrates where we have spotted Japanese knotweed in the South over the last 20 years.

Japanese knotweed in Central England