Xtract™, Folkestone

Our client wished to develop a site by building two properties and a driveway. Unfortunately, an infestation of Japanese knotweed was discovered, which put a halt to development plans.

After conducting a site survey, it was established that the visible knotweed was approximately 60m2, with a smaller 4m2 infestation on the neighbouring property.

We recommended our Xtract™ process, to remove Japanese knotweed from both the client’s property and the neighbouring land. This would allow for the future development to proceed uninterrupted by the knotweed, preventing any future encroachment from the neighbouring land. 

The works were completed over the winter in just 6 days, ensuring that the development planned for the spring could go ahead. We issued an insurance backed guarantee, underwritten at Lloyd’s, to provide peace of mind for the future.