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See our free Japanese Knotweed resources below.

Identification Advice

The devil is in the detail, so it’s imperative to know what type of knotweed it is, the maturity, extent and condition of the underground rhizome and root system, and the ground conditions in which it is growing. Armed with this information a management or remediation plan can be devised that has the highest chance of success.

  • Identification of knotweed varieties, including hybrids
  • Visual Site Surveys to assess extent of knotweed rhizome in the ground
  • Intrusive Investigation to assess condition, lateral and vertical spread of rhizome

Remediation Consultancy

There is a range of options for tackling knotweed, with vastly differing costs and timescales. The key is understanding each customer’s specific project requirements and offering the most cost-effective solution. We can provide specifications for you to obtain competitive tenders and we can review and advise on tender returns.

  • Remediation Strategy for development sites
  • Soil Testing (Waste Acceptance)
  • Japanese Knotweed Management Plans (JKMPs) for residential properties
  • Bio-Security Plans
  • Tender Specifications
  • Cost Estimation & Tender Analysis

Legal Expert Witness

Whether it’s a claim for misrepresentation, encroachment in private nuisance, or professional negligence we can provide expert opinion, either as a single or joint expert, for the claimant or defendant.

  • Case Review and Pre-Litigation Reports
  • CPR 35 Compliant Reports for knotweed litigation
  • Expert Witness Court Hearings


We can also put you in touch with other specialists with expertise in knotweed including;

  • Solicitors and Counsel
  • Property Valuation Specialists
  • Tax Consultants (Land Remediation Tax Relief)

Excellent service. We needed to eradicate some knotweed quickly to avoid delays in our development project and Environet really came up trumps.They were infinitely more helpful and professional than other specialists we had spoken to and we would recommend them highly.