Any person representing Environet, such as employees, subcontractors and suppliers are required to abide by the following Code of Conduct.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to maintain the highly professional service that our clients have come to expect, and to deliver on our 7 Core Values. Failure to comply with this Code or with the spirit of our Core Values may result in disciplinary action being taken against any individual(s) who breach these requirements.

Be polite and considerate at all times and treat everyone with respect, especially all existing and potential customers:

  • Never use offensive or threatening language
  • Never show aggressive behaviour
  • Avoid causing any nuisance from noise, litter, dust, etc.

Have a positive presence:

  • Smile, everyone prefers to work with happy people
  • Look smart

Undertake work diligently, impartially, honestly and efficiently to a high professional standard:

  • Ensure that any advice and recommendations you give are based upon thorough impartial consideration of all pertinent facts and circumstances and on opinions developed from reliable, relevant experience and recognised published information
  • If you do not feel qualified or competent to undertake the task in hand seek appropriate assistance
  • Avoid any act or omission that might damage Environet’s reputation
  • Inform the client if there is any personal or company self interest that may conflict with that of the client
  • Do not take any discounts, commissions or gifts as an inducement to show favour to any person or body
  • Always respect the confidentiality of information gained in the course of any work and do not use this information for personal or company benefit that may damage the reputation of the client
  • Be punctual especially where being late affects others - respect the value of other people’s time

Keep clients informed of progress as necessary to give them peace of mind that the works are progressing as planned:

  • If problems arise tackle them effectively and efficiently

Comply with all Statutory and site specific rules and regulations, especially relating to Health & Safety, and Environmental Protection:

  • Comply with all relevant safety information, Safe Working Instructions, etc.