We never underestimate the power or resilience of knotweed and the problems and damage it can cause. We are continually researching and developing new ideas to keep us at the cutting edge of our niche industry.

Mission Statement

Environet’s goal is simply to be the best in the Japanese knotweed removal market, by providing expertise to match our customers’ needs with innovative, cost effective solutions. 

Our Core Values

1. Our customers are our future for repeat and referral work. We always aim to exceed expectations by providing an efficient professional service on each and every project. Defined policies, procedures and instructions for all key activities ensure a consistently high level of service is delivered.

2. Empowered employees with the necessary training, skills and expertise taking full responsibility for their work activities, and with remuneration to match, creating truly motivated teams committed to the task in hand.

3. Key suppliers carefully selected and nurtured to help us meet our high standards of service delivery.

4. Supporting the local communities in which we work, by providing support and assistance to community projects and suitable charitable concerns.

5. Providing a safe work environment, where environmental and health & safety risks are carefully assessed and strictly controlled.

6. Eco-technology and sustainable methodologies, researched, developed and perfected to meet our clients’ needs without compromise to the environment.

7. We invest for the future in our people and technologies, enabling us to offer value for money for the professional service we provide.

Our History