Why Remove Knotweed?

Why Remove Japanese knotweed from Residential Property?

It’s a question we’re often asked, our MD Nic Seal explains.

It’s perfectly legal to have Japanese knotweed on your property, so this is a worthy question. I’ll give you the top 6 reasons why a property owner should get knotweed tackled that is growing on their land.

  1. Protect your assets. Knotweed will make it more difficult to sell an affected property, on average knocking 10% of its value. 50% of would-be buyers will walkaway from a property known to be infested with knotweed. Sellers will need to disclose the knotweed presence – if they don’t, they risk an expensive misrepresentation claim in the courts.
  2. A Growing Problem. Knotweed is programmed to grow, its underground rhizome system extending year on year, infecting more ground. It’s a problem that simply won’t go away on its own, so the sooner it’s tackled the better.
  3. Nuisance Neighbours. Knotweed does not respect property boundaries, and those who allow it to spread diminish the value of their neighbour’s property; neighbour disputes, civil claims in private nuisance, and lots of work for lawyers.
  4. Damage. Knotweed can and does cause damage to property. Perhaps not as bad as some tabloids might make you believe, but don’t under-estimate the damage the plant can cause.
  5. DIY Disasters. Knotweed and building or landscaping projects don't mix! If you want to add that conservatory, summer house or home office pod to the garden, you won't be able to unless you tackle the Japanese knotweed first. Otherwise you risk an unwelcome visitor down the track. 
  6. The heavy hand of the law. And for those that are still not convinced, be aware that an injunction or Community Protection Notice, otherwise known as an ASBO, can enforce them to act to remove knotweed from their property.


So to sum up, whilst it’s not illegal to have knotweed on your property, it would be foolish to ignore these compelling reasons to act; do the responsible thing and get it removed, protect the value of your home and avoid neighbour disputes.