Our speciality is extracting small pieces of Japanese knotweed rhizome out of soil.

We're also able to separate larger items such as concrete, blockwork, bricks, rubble, metal plastic, etc. by sifting, riddling and sieving the topsoil and subsoil.  

The process creates a fine topsoil stockpile for re-use on site, avoiding the need to pay for both off site disposal and import of clean topsoil material. Also created will be a separate stockpile of larger pieces e.g. concrete, brick, etc. which may be re-usable for engineering purposes, or may need further processing or crushing. 

Our extensive experience of soil screening to remove Japanese knotweed can be applied to removing other difficult items, using techniques that rely upon differences in size, shape, density and material type. 

Speak to us if you have an application that you think might save you £000s in landfill costs.

Soil screening on commercial site