Serious about Removing Japanese Knotweed from your Site? We’re with You, having Helped Clear Hundreds of Sites Ready for Development Over the Last 20 Years.

We understand our clients want solutions that:

  • Fully remove the knotweed problem
  • Are cost-effective
  • Meet construction programmes without causing delays
  • Avoids the risk of spread and meets all statutory requirements
  • Optimises the value of your land asset

Our consultant will survey your site and provide costed recommendations for treatment or removal to suit your budget and time requirements. As a general guide, removal is the answer on development sites, unless it’s in an area that can be fenced off and left undisturbed, in which case herbicide treatment may suffice.

We provide the full range of removal services, from site supervision, excavation, screening, stockpiling and off-site disposal, all backed with insurance-backed guarantees underwritten by an "AA-" rated insurer.

Cost depends on knotweed quantity and method. See this useful Information Paper for knotweed budget costing or speak to one of our experts.

Xtract™, our on-site screening method, can reduce the cost of remediation by as much as 50%. You may also be eligible for land remediation tax relief, giving you even greater savings.

We have robust systems in place for Environmental and Health & Safety management. Risk assessments are carried out for every aspect of our business to identify situations where harm could be caused. We have an ethos of continuous improvement to eliminate or reduce the risks with detailed working procedures, on-going training and monitoring. All our staff have health and safety and emergency first aid training. We are also accredited by CHAS and Constructionline and are members of the Property Care association (PCA).

Environet responded to our initial enquiry in an exemplary fashion, by attending site within the timescale provided along with providing us a clear and concise remediation strategy in line with our build programme, ensuring no delays on site which, as developers, is key.

Ethan Ballam, Technical Manager - Devine Homes PLC

Which Japanese Knotweed Removal Method?

It’s important to select the right method from a reliable specialist to have the best chance of success, ensuring the Japanese knotweed is killed off and doesn’t return. Getting it right the first time saves abortive work, delays to construction and cost.


  • Not suited where the ground is to be disturbed
  • Two year treatment programme with annual monitoring visits
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantees
  • Least disruptive option
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Stockpile & Treat

  • Excavation, stockpiling and herbicide treatment
  • Stockpiling usually requires a large designated area
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantees
  • A low cost option
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Dig & Dump

  • Bulk soil excavation and disposal off site to landfill
  • Considered the method of last resort by the Environment Agency
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantees
  • Very expensive
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Removing Japanese Knotweed from Development Sites

We discuss the impact of Japanese knotweed on development sites and how best to resolve the problem.

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